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Winter – Spring – Summer – Autumn

edited July 2016 in Birthday Calendar
Did you plan what season your baby was going to be born?

I did as I did not want to be highly pregnant in summer because of the heat. That´s why we planned a winter baby which in our case luckily worked out as our boy was born 23rd of November last year. Of courses plans don’t always work out and if I would have had a summer baby that would have been ok in the end as well. I just don’t like the idea of having a huge belly when it’s hot.

Was that something you thought about before having a baby or did that not cross your mind at all?



  • We didn't plan a season. I never got pregnant very easily so we had to be happy when it happened. But I didn't care about it anyways.
    My son was born 21st of April and my daughter 15th of October.
  • I will try to plan the season my baby is born next time. I don't want to be pregnant in the summer, so I'll have to get pregnant in the summer.
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