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Staying in hospital after giving birth

edited July 2016 in Birth
Here you usually have to stay in hospital after giving birth for 3 days if there are no complications and about a week if you had a c section. You can choose to go home straight away but then a midwife will come and visit you for a few days at home.

I choose to stay in hospital as first of all it was my first baby and everything was so new and I don’t like the idea of a midwife coming to my home. After all it would have been a complete stranger visiting me every day for a bit.

For me those three days seemed to last forever. Not much you can do in hospital. My husband and family came to visit me every day but still the boredom was driving me insane. I could not wait to get out.

There were two other girls in my room but they just stayed in bed all day long sleeping or breastfeeding. I did not really feel like I needed a rest so I wondered around a lot and therefore missed all the ward rounds. The doctors only saw me the day they discharged me.

How did you experience the first few days after giving birth? Did you go straight home or stay in hospital?



  • I really disliked staying in the hospital after my hospital birth. My other two were at-home births. When I was in the hospital I felt very uncomfortable, disrespected and restricted, not that I wanted to do a lot of things or go anywhere, but I couldn't even fully relax and it wasn't because of my baby, it was because of the hospital staff and regulations.

    They also took my baby whenever they wanted and when I opposed they came in to harass me many times about what I wanted. There was also the issue of the kitchen being closed after I gave birth so I had to wait a long time to get a real meal, if I was at home I would've been able to eat more easily. I was brought some snacks from family but when they left I was out of luck.
  • I never considered all these possibilities about being in the hospital after going birth! I thought it was not recommended to walk around right after giving birth.
  • I'm all prepared for staying the hospital. I'll be having a C-section so I will require healing in the hospital. I've already been in the hospital for a very long stay before so it's not a big deal for me to stay in the hospital after giving birth. I think the only thing that might bother me is when people leave and I'm left with two babies and stitches. Luckily the nurses can take the babies if I need help and during the day I'm sure I'll have family there the whole time.

    I have a bag packed already, in case I go into labor before my scheduled date. I actually recommend having one for yourself and one for the baby(ies), as well as one for the father or whatever family might be there for a long period of time(or you can pack some stuff for them in your bag). Make sure to pack drinks, snacks, books, word puzzles, Sudoku, etc.
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