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1st time to the hairdresser

edited August 2016 in Growth & Parenting
My boy is now a bit over 8 month and almost all the hair he had when he was born is replaced by thick normal hair now and getting quite long.
So I was thinking to go to the hairdresser for the first time around Christmas when he will be a year old.

Does any of you know when you usually go to the hairdresser for the first time? Is it even possible to have his hair cut at one? When did you go first? Was it ok for your child or did he or she not like it?



  • edited December 2013
    My boy (13 months) cried and screamed at first the whole time. The hairdresser couldn't even cut one single hair. It was so embarrassing...for him because he screamed and cried so much...and for me because we had to leave. After this experience my husband and I decided to wait a little bit longer for our next attempt. In the meantime my boy and I played "hairdresser" ourselves at home. He got a feeling for the ritual and the next time it wasn't a problem for him.
  • By now we have been twice already as his hair seems to grow very fast. Both times it was no problem at all. He loves the attention.
    My father went with him just to see if he would let them cut it, if he would have cried they would have just left again no problems there, it´s not like his hair MUST be cut.

    Don´t think there is anything you need to feel embarrassed about, I am sure it happens a lot.
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