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What’s your absolute parenting no go?

edited August 2016 in Growth & Parenting
What do you never do or let you baby or children do that you see other people doing on the streets?

I am not one to force my opinion on other parents or trying to give them tips they did not ask for. Obviously unless they hit or shout at their kids really bad then I do approach them and have gotten a few funny looks for that already.

However there are things I see that I do not agree with and would not do with my baby. For example more and more people seem to be using the pram for ages. I see kids’ way too big with their feet tangling to the road in prams nowadays. Maybe there have always been parents doing that and I just never noticed because I did not have a baby yet but it is something that makes me quite angry.

How are those kids supposed to learn how to walk properly if they are constantly stuck in a pram?

As soon as my boy can walk we are going to leave the pram at home for small errands. I want him to be up on his feet as much as possible. Of course then you need to pay more attention and it will take you longer to get somewhere but really should not have kids if you are too lazy for them.

There are a few other things that annoy me when I see them but I’ll stop ranting for now and want to hear what gets you that you see and would not do yourself.



  • It makes me angry if I see parents giving their children crisps or fast food...but especially soft drinks. Kids at age 1 or 2 don't need soft drinks. Besides bad teeth they are becoming overweight.
  • That one makes me angry too. My husband and I enjoy fast food every now and then too but I would never feed it to my baby. Whenever we go to one of those restaurants I always see people with their babys and toddlers feeding them fries and burger. Why? It´s not really easier than giving them a piece of apple or carrot.
    I think it´s then those people that say my kid doesn´t eat veg or fruit, which is clearly because they don´t know it and their parents don´t eat it, so of course their kids don´t want it either.
  • I would never let my children play with my iPhone or iPad just to calm them down. We are living already in an overwhelming world. I think the best way to calm them down is to sit next to them and read a book, play or just talk. But lot of parents can't live without their iPhones or iPads themselves so no wonder.
  • I have to admit that I give him my phone sometimes when it comes to changing his nappies and he does not want to lie down. Not sure why he is so interested in it as I hardly ever use it myself, maybe because my husband uses his a lot and he is not allowed his phone.

    I would not give it to him just to calm him down any other time but changing his nappy can be a struggle and I have not found another way that is that effective yet.

    Maybe you have any tips for me littlefamily?
  • It makes me angry seeing parents screaming at their children. Nobody deserves to be screamed at. It doesn't matter how stressful a situation could be. Screaming at somebody is a disrespectful behaviour. The side effect is that their children don’t learn how to solve stressful situations without fighting or screaming at each other.
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