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Do You Use Store Bought or Make Your Own Babyfood?

edited July 2017 in Babyfood & Recipes
I'm curious as to what I should have if I am going to make babyfood for my baby or if it's better to get store bought. If it is better to buy it, what do you look for when picking the type of baby food to get?


  • I never used anything more than a spoon and knife just to cut/peel things or smash things like banana and avocado. I fed my babies fruit first because it is so easy to digest and didn't cost me any extra.
  • I really preferred home made. It is easy and you know exactly what is in it. You really don't have to do anything special, just make sure that what you are eating is mashed well enough for baby to eat. Also be careful with things that are known to cause allergies. Fo easy with them at first until you see how your baby will react.
  • Have you ever tasted store bought baby food? It is really nasty. I have always made my own at home. I wouldn't want to eat that stuff so I won't feed it to my babies.
  • Wow that's a good point momma5931 I never thought to taste the baby food!
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