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Contraceptive methods

I am due with my 2 baby next month and I have to choose a Contraceptive methods before that. It should be temporary one. What's your opinion and experiences?


  • I've read a lot about the copper IUD, the other type of IUD and the diaphragm and cervical cap as good temporary methods. I try not to use hormonal methods because I used that when I was a teenager and it caused me a lot of unwelcome side effects. I would try the diaphragm or cervical cap first to see if it works and is comfortable for you. If not I'd go with the copper IUD because it has less negative side effects than other options.
  • The sponge gets really great reviews from users. There's also a new type of diaphragm that doesn't require a vaginal examination. I'm not sure if it has the sane rate of effectiveness but its worth looking g into because it would be the only non-invasuve, non-surgical, non-chemical option for women.
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