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Do You Use A Breast Pump?

What is your experience using a breast pump? What kind did you use and do you have any tips or tricks to help produce enough milk to build a stash?

I never used a pump with my older children. However I am thinking about starting to work outside of the home for a few hours a week and I'd like to have pumped milk for my 8 month old to be fed while I am gone (although he should hopefully be asleep the whole time).


  • There's a method of expressing milk using a glass jar. It sounds odd but some find it hard to use a pump can use a jar more effectively. You'd want it to be the right size and warm(but not hot). I've also read it can be helpful to do it while holding something that smells like your baby, hearing your baby or looking at baby pictures, it stimulates the same hormones that help you produce milk.
  • I'm planning to get one really soon to start storing milk up for my babies once they're born, because I'm going to need to go back to work after I heal up and I want there to be plenty of milk for them.
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