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Periods after delivery

It's almost 8 months now after delivery and I had no periods after that. I had a cesarean and had bleeding for almost 48 days. How long after birth will it take to get your period again? Is it normal?

Is there a chance to get pregnant again during these days?


  • It is very normal and yes it's possible to get pregnant. You are probably ovulating just not getting periods. With my first two children I didn't get my period again until 2 years after giving birth. With my new baby I got it just a few months after.

    You might want to get an ovulating detection kit to see if and when you are ovulating. Unfortunately there is nothing to say when you will start menstruating again. It usually is related to how much you are breastfeeding but that is because of the hormones associated with breastfeeding. If your hormones are off for some other reason it will be delayed as well.
  • My boys are 1 year and 6 days apart. After I had my first son, I didn't have a period until after my second son was born. I didn't even realize I was pregnant again until well into the second pregnancy.
  • Wow 1happymom! It's so interesting how things change after you give birth. How did it work with your second son?
  • With my second son, I was almost back to completely normal within 2 months.
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