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Breastfeed During Pregnancy

Is it safe to breastfeed my 8 months old baby during pregnancy? Will there be any hormonal changes in the milk produced during pregnancy that will affect the baby? Anyone gone through the same situation?


  • It's perfectly safe to breastfeed while pregnant. There will be some change in the milk but it is still perfectly suited for your baby. Just make sure are eating really well and nourished because it might be tiring for you to breastfeed and have a baby growing inside you.

    That will usually depend on how bad morning sickness is for you. If it's not bad you should be fine.
  • Your breast milk supply will definitely decrease during the period. Hence make sure that your baby is getting adequate quantity of milk.

    You can also start introducing formula in between as the baby will get familiar to the taste before the breastfeeding stops completely. As the baby is already 8 months you can start introducing home made food like juices, mashes etc. All the best.
  • I've heard some people actually start pumping milk while they are pregnant to store for their babies once they are born, so it can't be dangerous to consume that milk.
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