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Physiotherapy to reduce labour pain

edited July 2017 in Birth
I am due with my 2 baby next month and I am really scared about the delivery. My first delivery was a normal one but very painful, and I want a normal delivery this time also. I have heard about pregnancy physiotherapy in reducing the labour pain. I know that every pregnant lady has to go through the this. I had to go through the pain for almost 18 hours last time and I am research about the ways or positions to manage the pain? Please share your experience and opinion?


  • I don't have any experience with physiotherapy, but it seems to me like somewhere between Thai Yoga Therapy and Chiropractic. I can't vouch for either when it comes to labour pain, personally. But I have known many people who received a lot of relief from the two.

    You might also be surprised to know, not all births have to be painful. Look for childbirth trainings like Hypnobirth and Ecstatic Birth and Pain-free birth and dance through birth. There's lots of options. I've had 3 births. 1 was painful, 1 was pain free, one was fast and mostly pain free.
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