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When did you have the nursery finished?

edited July 2016 in Home & Household
We were finished with our nursery month before our boy was due. Since we are first time parents we wanted to make sure everything was in order when he came. We had everything organised from clothes to nappies, it was all there waiting for him. The only thing that was missing besides him was the pram as there were problems with the delivery which meant that did not arrive until a week after he was here even though we ordered it month in advance.

At what time did you have the nursery finished?



  • I'll be having a baby shower soon. I am assuming people will bring gifts I can use to set up a nursery but until then, I don't have plans to get anything. After I get the gifts I will look at what else I need and maybe create a plan for setting up a nursery then. There's a lot of things I don't plan on getting because I don't want to be too far ahead of myself, I'd reather get things when I need them!
  • I'm almost done, I plan on being completely set up and ready before the 3rd trimester starts so I can focus on relaxing, getting ready mentally and going to my doctor's appointments. I'm having my baby shower before the end of my 2nd trimester so I know what else I need to get to get everything set up in time.
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