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Buying A Family Home?

What concerns do you or did you look for when it comes to buying a long-term family home?

I'm looking for a new home and I am having a difficult time deciding what factors are important when it comes to picking a great home for raising children in long-term.

I'm also looking at what would be great for a home birth. What would you look for?

I know I want a comfortable area to heal on the ground-level during the postpartum period, but other than that I'm at a loss!


  • When buying a home, make sure to take into account the distance that you will be to their future school, work, church, or any other places that are important to you. Until they are older, you will not be able to fully understand how much running around is involved in raising children.

    The rest is totally up to you. Purchasing a home is a very personal decision. Do you want a big kitchen? extra bathrooms? a large yard? What is important to you and your family.

    We looked for a home with plenty of room. I wanted something with an open floor plan so that when I was cooking in the kitchen, I wasn't closed off from the other people in the house. The older boys have the whole upstairs to live and entertain friends. My husband and my younger son are down stairs. The olders and their friends can be doing their thing and I can do my thing downstairs. (Also, when I have company I can close the door to upstairs, and not worry too much about the mess up there. LOL) My husband has an outside workshop to do his thing and get a little private time when he needs it.

    Just decide what is right for you and yours. In reality, you will probably know the perfect home when you see it.
  • Thanks! That's great advice! I did not think about the proximity to school and things like that. I think I need to spend some time looking at the city and find a great area to focus my search on. Thanks again. I also want to look at something we can grow in and add to if needed. A decent sized lot is more important to the size of the house, because we could add to the house later if there is space.
  • I would not feel comfortable giving birth at my current home. I'd have to temporarily convert the living room to a bedroom because the bathroom and bedrooms are upstairs. Its also a townhouse so it is too close to the neighbors.
  • I would recommend looking for houses that are 1/4 acre or more if you're looking to add to it down the line. Also go look at the neighborhood at night. Sometimes yiy can't tell what the area is like until you go at night. You may also want to tour the schools and talk to the principal about it.

    Lastly if you're deciding down to what town to live in, see if there are doctors, dentists, churches, grocery stores, libraries and parks that meet your needs. As well rather there are neighbourhoods that don't allow things relevant to your goals a d lifestyle like rv parking, commercial zoning, growing food, certain types of animals, etc. There's a ton to consider!
  • I'm also thinking about rather hardwood or carpet is better and also is it better to have a large house or a smaller, more efficient layout, so there's less to clean?!
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