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Feeling Touched Out?

This is my 3rd baby I've breastfed and around this time I remember feeling touched out, but it seems a little earlier this time. I remember meditation helped before when I was feeling it with my other babies, but I'm wondering what else I can do. I now have 2 school age children who don't give me a lot of opportunity to meditate, so I'm looking for something else to help when they are all around and wanting to literally be on me and touching me.

Any tips?


  • I feel this sometimes being a stepmom and sometimes just because of being pregnant. Little hands and now big hands touching me gets draining and overwhelmingly uncomfortable sometimes.

    What I've started doing is being incredibly busy whenever I'm around people who are too touchy feely or if I'm already feeling drained for the day. Another thing I do is I overreact a little (especially to little ones) about how uncomfortable it is. In order to express myself so they understand I have to show them how I feel because just saying it doesn't have the same effect.

    It might seem dishonest but I think its good to fully express discomfort and let people know what you want in terms of your body, even with kids. Its also great to have a book, craft or something you're busy doing whenever you need a distraction from the discomfort. As a bonus that will also distract the people who view your body as theirs to touch whenever they please.
  • Reading your reply made me wonder if there might be a children's book out there about consent, personal space and respect of other people's bodies. I'll have to look to see if there is a good book that might say it more gently and effectively than I can.
  • This reminds me of being in the hospital and under bed rest. I recommend a good book. Something about having a good book to read helps take your mind away from things that are uncomfortable even when you're not reading it. I think it will keep you preoccupied so when kids and babies are constantly touching you you won't notice it as much or feel so sensitive because your mind will be elsewhere, wondering about what's going to happen in the story. And of course when you want to focus on the kids you can zone in on that!
  • Knitting is also a great habit!
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