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What are your family rules around candy eating? Usually my kids don't get candy, however we went to a party with a candy bar and they had rock candy (which is one of the only types I let them eat). This rock candy was dyed blue and later that night my oldest daughter had an emotional breakdown and a headache that lasted over 24 hours.

It's hard but I'm going to have to stick to the no candy rule. How often do you allow your kids to have candy and at what age did you first allow it?


  • As a stepmom and former nanny candy is regulated to one piece during holidays and I make sure its one did f a small list if approved candies. My nerves just can't handle a kid with a sugar high! Honestly they don't even miss candy!
  • I am an OLD mama and what I am about to say is probably going to raise a few eyebrows but it is what has worked for me over the years. I have never regulated candy. I have never given it for rewards and I have never taken it away for punishment. I hate the idea of using food that way. We have always had candy in the house and if somebody wants some they can have it. There is also an abundance of fruit and vegetables prepared and ready to go for quick snacks. I have always educated my children about food and it has never seemed to be a problem. I never would let a child sit and hit a whole bag of candy though. They would only have access to as much as I thought would be good for a sitting. We just have never had a problem with candy. I may have just been lucky over the years and I am sure this wouldn't work for everybody, but it has worked for us.
  • I actually find myself very uncomfortable when people use foods as treats, to bribe their kids or take it away as punishment. However I don't think I could have it be totally unregulated, however I respect your style. I do think its important to educate children about health as soon as possible, but I have two step daughters who are set in their ways and have things differently at their other home, so it gets sticky (pun intended).
  • @teachlove . I totally understand how the whole step daughter thing can get "sticky". If they can do one thing in one place and something else in another the boundaries can get blurred. I don't know what kind of relationship that you have with the other parent but if it is good enough maybe you guys can get together and come to a consensus on the matter. If not, I am afraid it is going to be what it is. Hope it all goes well for you.
  • That's great advice momma5931. I don't have much of a relationship with her mother but it can still be worth a conversation! I know they also get candy at school sometimes.
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