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What is a good age to send your child to preschool?

I was trying to get your thoughts on the best age to send a child to preschool. My three year old stays with my mom while I am at work and she is very good with him but I feel like it may be time for him to get out with other children his age. What do you think is the best age to send a child to preschool?


  • I really think it depends on the child, the school and your goals. Is socializing with kids his age your main goal? If so, does he go to parks, recreation classes or play dates that can make up for that? There are many different types of schools so its hard to determine the best choice without more information.
  • He has church functions and when we have a really good group of kids. He really doesn't seem to have any problem around other children, I feel like he is just fine at home. He is learning all the things he needs for school. It just feels like there is so much pressure out there to get him started even though I feel like he really doesn't need it.
  • I know what you mean about the pressure 1happymom! There are preschools now that start earlier and earlier, with waiting lists and really expensive rates, but I believe it is mostly for academic purposes rather than social. The interesting thing is that studies don't show that starting school earlier helps with academic achievement long-term.
  • That is what I keep thinking to myself. I believe that my son is well on track with his educational needs, I just get tired of the pressure all the time.
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