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Baby allergies

I have a lot of allergies and I'm wondering g how likely my baby is to get them? Do you and your baby have allergies? Which ones?


  • I'm wondering if I might have more food allergies than I thought because two of my babies seem to have an allergy to night shades. Myself and all my babies have a dairy allergy and myself and my two oldest are gluten sensitive. It seems all my babies are also heat sensitive but I am not. I love to sunbathe!
  • Allergies can have a genetic component to them but just like everything else having to do with heredity, it just kinda increases the chances, it doesn't guarantee they will have the same allergies as you do. No shellfish for us. We seem to all have gotten the same gene.
  • Wow 1happymom! My dad and brother have the shellfish allergy too. I heard some allergies develop when you're older and some allergies go away with age.
  • I hope that my boy's allergies go away with age. Mine didn't happen until I was older. It was kind of strange. One day when I was about 21, I was eating a meal that I had had a million times and it just happened. I was straight to the hospital. I tried one more time a few years later with the same results. It was really scary.
  • I have read a little about that phenomena 1 happymom. The way I understand it is that you were sensitive to it from the beginning but your body reached a level of overload and can't handle it anymore, but it was always treating the food as a poison it was just hard to notice it before. This is how it was explained to me anyway. Its inteteresting because we could have reactions to foods we had no clue we were allergic to at any time!
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