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What is the best way to get some exercise?

With two busy toddlers I have a hard time trying to get enough exercise. It is really starting to wear on me. What are some suggestions that you have for being able to get more exercise and what are some of the exercises that you do?


  • I did a lot of yoga and dance with my kids because they also enjoyed it. It was like I was playing with them so it didn't trigger them to want to disrupt me although I was really doing it for them. Going swimming is another exercise I spent a lot of time doing with my kids.
  • Walking and yoga. Do things with the kids. It will wear them down and get them involved. Your kids can also learn lots of things on walks. Talk to them and open their eyes to the world around them.
  • That's a great point momma5931! I take my girls on nature walks while introducing them to vocabulary, a second language, history stories and science based on what we're actually experiencing in front of us. Women are supposed to be good at multu-tasking so why not use those skills? It also feels great to me to get down in the dirt, play with them and get a workout without really trying or having to think about it.
  • I have a gym membership and most gyms seem to have a childcare center. It may be included in your gym membership or it could be a discounted fee per hour. I find that the familiar faces and social aspect really helps me come regularly.
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