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Vivid dreams and sleeping in pregnancy

I've been having very vivid dreams the last several weeks and coincidentally (or not) sleeping really deeply but not for very long. The dreams I remember are about my pregnancy, my baby and birth but they have a magical, spiritual tone to them.

I know there's a lot said about vivid dreams in pregnancy and mothers Intuition but if you had vivid dreams did they mirror real life for you? I can see my baby and what he looks like for years to come in the dreams.

There are many old wives tales I've been told but I wonder how many have truly been able to count on the information from pregnancy dreams.


  • I had very vivid dreams while pregnant and while breastfeeding my first baby. After that I think my life got too busy to remember my dreams! I had a lot where I was talking to my baby in my dreams. I also knew I pregnant each time because of my dreams!
  • Changing hormones are what make the dreams more vivid when you are pregnant. The changes in your body chemistry and your sleep patterns help you remember them better.
    My Grandma was full of Old Wives Tales and she used to tell us if we dreamed that we were having a boy while we were pregnant then it was a girl and vice versa.
  • Thanks for sharing momma5931. An old wives take is that if you dream of fish someone is pregnant. At my gender reveal party several people told me they'd been dreaming of fish!
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