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How much should my three year old be eating?

My three year old grandson eats like a bird. The doctors say he is a little small but he is physically healthy. Is it strange that all he really want to eat is fruit and popsicles. I offer him all kinds of other things that might buff him up a little but he is really particular about what he eats. He does drink a lot of water and he seems like he is always thirsty.


  • That's interesting but he's pretty young. My daughter was like that for awhile but it changed. She only wanted to eat fruit and rice. I would introduce her to other foods on occasion but since what she wanted was healthy I mostly let her eat what she wanted. Slowly she began to realize she liked more foods and started eating more.
  • I was like this when I was little so my parents started letting me eat whatever I wanted, mostly bread. Next thing I knew I was gaining a lot of weight and have been overweight ever since. I think I'd keep doing what you're doing, when he's really hungry he'll eat and develop healthy eating habits. Its harder to develop those habits once you already have bad eating habits! I also happen to have a ton of food allergies now. Possibly due to overloading.
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