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Communicating with your kids long distance

I've just dropped my kids o to a flight to see their fathers family on the other side if the country, without me! Its a huge adjustment and I want to talk to them but I know they are having a blast. Do you call, email, text or video chat your kids when they're not around? Also how often would you want to be in contact with them?


  • I think I'd want to talk everyday or be in touch in some way. You can use apps as well to have video chats. However the stepkids moms don't talk to them everyday when they are here. Its more like less than once a week.
  • I definitely want to talk to them everyday but it's not happening at all. Not only are they not calling or interested in talking to me, no one around them (a lot of adults) are keeping me updated about what's going on with them. It's very difficult for me. I've never done video chats with them so it'd be difficult for me to establish something like that. I don't even know what kind of app to use.
  • One thing you can try is to send pictures to the cellphone of whatever adult is taking care of them, or to their email address. The kids will probably be interested in any fun pictures you can take (of their pet, their toys, an animal outside, whatever they're interested in and you)...then they'll be more likely to know what to say and want to talk to you.
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