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Television and music ratings

At what age do you think kids become conscious of violent, negative and mature topics, language and imagery in the media? Do you enjoy adult media around children or allow them to experience media meant for adults?


  • There is a great website called goodsensemedia.com They rate tons of movies and TV shows based on subject matter, themes, language, violence and more. It goes more in depth than the normal rating system and also allows users to share feedback and details about the programs, so you have a more accurate idea of what will be shown on the show or movie. I don't believe they have the same thing with music, but I could be wrong.
  • I think most music isn't meant for kids, unless it's specifically kids music. They are almost always talking about things you wouldn't want kids to know about, but luckily kids don't understand what the songs are about. I remember singing all kinds of songs as a kid that were very adult-related topics, but I didn't realize what it was about, so I don't think it does any harm.
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