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Baby Teeth

How do you care for baby teeth? I know some say they are meant to fall out and not to worry about them, but there are some warnings about problems with baby teeth affecting you long-term. What do you think and how do you deal with it?


  • Just a few years ago people didn't really worry about them until kids are toddlers with a full set, but now there are recommendations saying to start brushing their gums! You can brush baby teeth with a soft brush, just using water. You can also use teeth cleaning cloths that wipe off the teeth so they are clean.
  • There are some baby toothpastes out there but there's also a lot of people using more natural products like certain types of clay, coconut oil, essential oil blends and xylitol. Part of that is because most toothpastes are not supposed to be eaten or swallowed and babies and toddlers are not mature enough to understand that! As you know they put everything in their mouths.
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