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Chicken Pox Vaccination

Most adults I know had chickenpox as kids because the vaccination is pretty new. However these days it is recommended to give the vaccination as babies. This is controversial with a lot of people because we remember what chickenpox is and it's very mild. There are so many vaccinations babies have to take now compared to when I was a baby, but in some places they don't vaccinate for chickenpox.

It's always the parents choice of course, but do you go with the recommendation to get the chicken pox vaccine for your children or not? And what made you decide either way?


  • I got my chicken pox vaccination but everyone else in my family (my brother, close cousins and parents) got chicken pox as kids. My mom has told me they were very cautious with me because while chicken pox is mild if you get as a child, it can be dangerous to babies and the elderly, or people who are already sick and it is highly contagious.
  • I had chickenpox as a child as did all my friends and family that I knew. Back then we didn't have the vaccination and I have chosen to not vaccinate my children for chickenpox.
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