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Chemical-Free Ways to Keep Bugs Out?

I've read a lot about chemicals in homes being dangerous to little babies nervous systems and also that they can find some of these chemicals and be poisoned by them. However I don't like having any bugs in the house and I will need to find a way to get rid of bugs without chemicals.

Have you used anything that works?


  • There is something called diatamaceous clay that you can sprinkle along all the openings of your home. I'm not 100% sure how well it works because I've used it with a number of other things but a lot of friends I know swaer by it. It can be safely eaten by humans and animals if you get it food-grade.
  • You can use boric acid anywhere you know kids and animals can't reach. It is not a chemical and will only harm something that consumes it. Putting it in crevices, behind walls, etc. is good. You can also place glue traps behind refrigerators and places like that.
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