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What Age Were Your Kids Potty Trained?

My baby is almost 9 months. With my older children they were potty learning or toilet training at this age. I intend to start soon with this baby but I've been pretty busy. I'm curious if starting early means they will actually be proficient at this earlier.

I'd love to hear if anyone started late but still had their children using the toilet in a few months time. What age did you start working on toilet training and what age was your child able to let you know or using the toilet on their own consistently?


  • I applaud you for toilet training at nine months. What I am about to say will probably sound crazy to you. LOL. My boys are one year apart in age. I trained them both at the same time. One was about a year and a half old and the other was about 2 and a half years old. It just felt like the right time to me. It went well with both of them. In less than a month we were all using the potty and no more diapers. It worked out really well for us and both boys took to it at about the same rate.
  • That's awesome! It doesn't sound too crazy, although I've never heard of that before, I can see how the kids doing it together could be really effective!
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