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Does your baby like the car?

Does your baby go to sleep easily in the car or do they scream and squirm like my baby? Two of my babies really dislike being in the car and one was fine with it. I wonder what the difference is. Do you have any tips for relaxing a baby in the car?


  • Music always relaxed my boys in the car. The problem is, and it may sound strange, each child likes different kind of music. LOL. There are some things they agree on and I try to make sure that I have it cued up and ready to go.
  • That's interesting 1happymom. I never considered kids having different tastes in music! I see how that could get tricky but it sounds like preparing ahead is the best option
  • As long as you get something they both can agree on you are fine. If you don't it is not going to be a fun trip.
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