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When to stop formula or breastfeeding?

edited July 2016 in Nourishment
My boy is now 8 month and he is getting two bottles a day and the rest of the meals are fruit, veg and meat. He seems to be drinking less of his bottle in the evening now so I am thinking about giving him some semolina pudding or rice pudding or something like that instead of the evening bottle.

He likes all foods so far and has lunch with us whatever we are having. I will need to read up on this issue some more as I don’t want to take away nutritions he needs.

Maybe some of you can help me out here and tell me what you think and when you stopped giving your baby formula or breast milk.



  • I would like to be able to do child-led weaning and let the baby continue having milk until they decide they don't want to anymore. I'm really not worried that it would continue too long because I've heard so many stories and read about toddlers decide they no longer want to nurse because eventually their bodies stop producing the enzyme that makes it possible to properly digest the lactose in milk.

    I never knew before reading about breastfeeding that we grow out of the ability to properly digest lactose as children, all of us! It's very fascinating. So what we commonly hear of as lactose intolerance is more technically just a dairy allergy or inability to digest it because we no longer make the enzyme in our bodies!
  • I'm hoping my baby will decide to stop breastfeeding when he is around 3 years old. I am also hoping I'll be able to pump and replace night feeding with a bottle. However, I really enjoy breastfeeding and it has so many benefits for the baby and for the mother, so it was easy for me to choose to breastfeed.
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