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What do you feed your baby?

edited July 2016 in Babyfood & Recipes
My boy is now 8 month and he gets a bottle of formula in the morning, then a portion of fruits or yoghurt, for lunch something with meat and pasta or rice and a bottle of formula in the evening.

Now in summer he drinks lots of sugar free tee and a homemade fruit juice every now and then.

I have stopped giving him bought baby food during the day as he now eats what I eat for lunch and I just squash some fruit for him in the morning. All I do when I am cooking is making sure not to season it too much.

When did you start feeding your baby solid foods? What do you feed it?



  • My baby started eating solids around 5 months. It was very early compared to my older babies who really didn't start until they were much closer to a year. Still it is a very slow start like my older babies. He doesn't eat solids every day. He's 8 months now and I only give him food when he is reaching for my food and I only give him certain foods. Mostly banana (mushed) and avocado.

    What I think is really cute is that he thinks he can get food from touching my lips so when I am eating something I won't give him, I can still pretend I'm giving him my food by giving him a kiss and he seems to really think he's eaten something.

    That lets me know food is more an experiment, something to learn about at this age. He doesn't really understand it and doesn't need solid foods at all, it's just something he's curious about. That's also why I keep the foods so simple, his digestion isn't quite ready for eating solids regularly.

    His exclusively breastfed diapers are also much more mild and I would prefer mild diapers for as long as I can get it!
  • I fed my baby "only" on breastmilk until he was six months. Then I started giving him juices, homemade vegetable mashes, watery soups and later egg yolk and almost everything what we eat in addition to breastmilk.
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