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Wild child falling out of the bed

edited September 2016 in Home & Household
Our baby is 10 month now and he usually sleeps in his own room and bed.

When he wakes up around 5 he gets his bottle and gets into bed with my husband and I and has a few more hours of sleep. I however get up between 4 and 5 so he is in bed with only my husband until they get up around 8.

A few weeks ago our wee boy fell out of the bed since he is always moving around in his sleep. Luckily nothing happend but ever since that I go and check up on them in the mornings every 15 min or so to make sure he doesn´t fall out again. I also put down pillows and blankets around our bed in the mornings.

I was wondering if that happend to you too.

What do you do to prevent that?


  • My middle and my baby has fallen out of the bed. Usually I keep beds pretty low to the ground or totally on the ground. I used to have railing on the bed that prevents them from falling out. With my baby his bed is like a crib so he can't fall out of it, but he also sleeps with me most of the time. One part of the bed is against the wall, the other part is against his bed.
  • Me too put pillows around the bed to protect him, but it seems to really working now a days. Last week he pushed a pillow down and, luckily, fell down on the pillow. So nothing happened. It's always safe to keep the bed as low as possible to avoid any major accidents.
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