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Parenting Classes

Have you ever taken parenting classes? I used to think they were for people who have done bad things to their kids or who never had a chance to parent and then suddenly had kids. Now I am realizing it's very difficult to parent with someone else and with a baby and different styles, I think it might help to get on the same page.

If you've taken parenting classes, what have you learned from them? Did you take them with a partner and where did you find the classes? Also was the cost worth it to you?


  • I've taken one class. It was for some community program a very long time ago. I barely remember it. I would like to take a real course though, not just a one-off class. Even with years of being a parent, it's always useful to learn as much as you can about the development of children, different skills for parenting and hear other's stories.

    The one I took was free, but I'd be willing to pay, especially if I got something more out of it, like also dinner!
  • I have not signed for any parenting classes even for by first pregnancy. However, I have watched many birth classes on the youtube during that time. But this time I have not done that too as I have hands on experience :smile:

    However, I got the opportunity to attend a seminar regarding breastfeeding this time and I find it very helpful.
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