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  • As long as you get something they both can agree on you are fine. If you don't it is not going to be a fun trip.
  • I hope that my boy's allergies go away with age. Mine didn't happen until I was older. It was kind of strange. One day when I was about 21, I was eating a meal that I had had a million times and it just happened. I was straight to the hospital. I tr…
  • Music always relaxed my boys in the car. The problem is, and it may sound strange, each child likes different kind of music. LOL. There are some things they agree on and I try to make sure that I have it cued up and ready to go.
  • Allergies can have a genetic component to them but just like everything else having to do with heredity, it just kinda increases the chances, it doesn't guarantee they will have the same allergies as you do. No shellfish for us. We seem to all have …
  • That is what I keep thinking to myself. I believe that my son is well on track with his educational needs, I just get tired of the pressure all the time.
  • They really helped me learn all the options that were available to me. It was also a good place to ask questions and you didn't feel like your were dumb for asking them. I may not have thought that everything they taught was for me, but I did learn …
  • He has church functions and when we have a really good group of kids. He really doesn't seem to have any problem around other children, I feel like he is just fine at home. He is learning all the things he needs for school. It just feels like there …
  • I have one of the monitors for the boys' room. When you have two sharing a room, it is always good to make sure one doesn't wake the other. Now that they can do a few things on their own, it is also an effective tool to make sure they are not up to …
  • I applaud you for toilet training at nine months. What I am about to say will probably sound crazy to you. LOL. My boys are one year apart in age. I trained them both at the same time. One was about a year and a half old and the other was about 2 an…
  • With my second son, I was almost back to completely normal within 2 months.
  • I really preferred home made. It is easy and you know exactly what is in it. You really don't have to do anything special, just make sure that what you are eating is mashed well enough for baby to eat. Also be careful with things that are known to c…
  • My boys are 1 year and 6 days apart. After I had my first son, I didn't have a period until after my second son was born. I didn't even realize I was pregnant again until well into the second pregnancy.
  • Thanks @teachlove. I will read that one when I get a chance.
  • Make sure and stay well hydrated. Try drinking a full glass of water at bedtime. Yes, it will make you have to go to the bathroom but aren't you doing that already. LOL. Bananas are also good things to eat to prevent cramps. Try adding more of them …
  • I am a single mother of a two and three year old. Life is always hectic.

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